Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association (SLPWA)

What could be more important to those of us who love Seneca Lake than to keep it pure? The organization that has "keeping Seneca Lake pure", as its primary goal, is SLPWA. Revitalized in 2008, it presently has a dynamic board of directors and is moving forward with projects to keep the lake beautiful and preserve and protect the watershed.
Its mission, in part, reads: "it is the purpose of the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association to promote the understanding, preservation and improvement of the water quality, natural habitat and general environmental conditions of Seneca Lake and its watershed".
During the past two years, the board (with the help of members who have volunteered) has worked on a variety of projects to achieve those aims. Some of the projects are: Lake level monitoring, Landfill impact on the lake, maintaining water quality, proper disposal of pharmaceuticals and drugs, and the Marcellus Shale issue.
This latter issue is one that is extremely important as a good part of the Seneca Lake Watershed is located right over the Marcellus Shale. The Marcellus Shale committee has contributed to the education of its members and of the community on this issue. While SLPWA supports drilling in the Marcellus Shale if it could be done in a environmentally and fiscally responsible manner, the organization is very concerned about the present state of the technology as it is being carried out in Pennsylvania and other states. As a result, the committee, under the leadership of retired chemist, Dr. Ed Przybylowicz, has supplied a good deal of input to the DEC on the dSGEIS, and continues to be very active in supplying input to the EPA committee, appointed by Congress to study the safety of hydrofracking to water supplies.
The hard working board of this organization is to be commended for all it has done, in less than two years, since its re-organization. But, an effective organization needs an energized membership, as well as a good, working board. To that end, SLPWA is always seeking new members. This would be an excellent time to join as the annual meeting is coming up August 18, at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel. Join the organization and come to the dinner for an enjoyable time, a chance to vote for board members, to learn more about a few key SLPWA projects, and a silent auction featuring "SAVE OUR SENECA" (SOS).
See the Seneca Lake Pure Waters website to learn more about this worthwhile organization, the Save Our Seneca (SOS)project, as well as the other important SLPWA projects.


Edwin said...

Thanks to Sunrise Landing B&B for their support of
SLPWA and its mission. We need "many workers in the vineyard" to maintain our beautiful lake and surrounds for all to enjoy and recreate and to pass this legacy on to our children and grandchildren. Join SLPWA in its mission by clicking on the SLPWA link in this blog to learn more on how you can help Save our Seneca....
Thanks to Barb and Bob for this blog!

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