Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Great Restaurant on Seneca Lake

Stone Cat Cafe has been one of our favorites, ever since we decided to stop driving by and, instead, go in and find out why there are always so many cars parked outside. Appearances are very deceiving, indeed, as you also might be tempted to just drive by this converted fruit stand, thinking it second rate. The interior atmosphere has been described as "Funky", and as "Flower Child" ambiance, and I have often described it as a bit Bohemian. Whatever words ones uses, it is one of the best restaurants on Seneca Lake, and the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable and dining on the casual deck out in back, a special treat.
The Stone Cat website says that they "live for the creation and enjoyment of fabulous food" and I tend to believe it as they certainly serve some of the best around. They buy organic and locally whenever possible, and smoke their own fish and meats which are purchased locally (from responsible meat growers). The menu in creative and varied and they not only accommodate special dietary needs, but organize their menu to make it easy for folks with special needs to find their items.
Make sure you visit Stone Cat Cafe when you are anywhere near Seneca Lake.


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