Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green Grand Prix

If traditional auto racing is not your thing, how about an alternative: the Green Grand Prix will take place this year on Saturday, May 8th. The Green Grand Prix is an educational as well as competitive event and is the only official SCCA Time-Speed-Distance Road Rally for Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles in North America. There are two events and both begin in Watkins Glen and continue around Seneca Lake. The Road Rally is sponsored by the Doris Bovee Memorial Foundation. It features a full SCCA Time-Speed-Distance road rally where alternative fuel as well as gasoline and diesel vehicles are encouraged to participate.
The other event, The Green Grand Prix Fuel Economy Competition is sponsored by RACE-CARS.COM. All vehicles are invited to compete and there will be 10 classes based on EPA mileage ratings. For more information on the Green Grand Prix see the official website which gives information on this year's event, in addition to the 2009 prize winners.


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