Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seneca Lake Wine Trail Discovery

As a fan of dry reds and Chardonnay, I rarely get excited about a sweet wine, much less one made from something other than grapes. That all changed this past Sunday when Bob and I visited a rather new winery on Seneca Lake, The Fruit Yard Winery. They did have a nice Chardonnay, and Cabernet Franc but our real excitement was for their Peach Wine, and their Blueberry Wine. While it was just wonderful by itself, and would be great as a dessert wine, my intention is to use it in the blueberry sauce and peach sauce which we serve at Sunrise Landing with our Stuffed French Toast. I have been looking for just what I found: a wine which will enhance the natural fruit flavor of these sauces. If you like fruit wine, do visit the Fruit Yard - in addition to the Peach and Blueberry, and of course, Grape, they have all kinds of fruit wines: Apple, Cherry, Melon, Cranberry, and more!! See The Fruit Yard website and do visit when you are here - as they are located almost right across from Apple Road.


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